Get involved.  

Shiloh would like to thank the following volunteers for taking their day off to help repair the porch and do some much needed yard work and beautification: Dan Armstrong, SRNS, Wesley United Methodist Church Member and Shiloh's Building and Grounds Chair, Stan Maciaszek - SRNS and Wesley United Methodist Church Member, Steve Gentry - Savannah River Remediation and Wesley United Methodist Church Member, Danette McClendin-SRNS, Lee Carey-Savannah River Remediation, J.R. Ludwick - SRNS, Sid Sidley-Wesley United Methodist Church Member, Pete Bolig-SRNS and Bill Lenabiz-SRNS. Thank you United Way. This was a great day of service for Shiloh.


To learn more about how to get involved, contact us at 706.738.0081.